BJE 16

Hayley R: What’s your favourite bon Jovi song, and what’s your favourite non-bon Jovi song?

Would have to say Only Lonely as the Bon Jovi song – one of the earlier songs, off their 2nd album I think. Holds some good memories of me growing up!
Non Bon Jovi is more difficult – there’s too many! If I had a million pound on the answer though it would be Boys of Summer by Don Henley. Always cheers me up – especially with the windows down and I can sing until my heart’s content.

Victoria R: What inspired you to be Jon?

He did. I was always a massive fan – in the very early 80’s and when I first heard his music I knew he was going to be a big star. When I was but a nipper I could usually be found listening to Iron Maiden, Rainbow, The Quo, Whitesnake and Dio but when Bon Jovi hit the scene they grabbed my attention as the music I’d previously been listening too was a lot heavier.

Sharon C: Who is your pop idol?

I feel like Simon Cowell on Xfactor! Rock Idol is obvs Jon Bon Jovi (he would come after me if I didn’t say that) but Pop Idol would be Midge Ure (Ultra Box). He had many a hit with Ultra Box and was a big part of the brainchild that was Band Aid – massive respect.

Christine L: What is your favourite breed of dog and why ?

Easy – Rottweilers. I’ve had a number of the breed and by far my favourites. Strong and loyal to the end!

Stacie N: What’s your favourite city to perform in?

There’s so many great venues we play in around the world its hard it to narrow it down. My top 3 would be –

1. Belfast – The Empire . Always a great crowd and the Irish Fans are crazy for the music and Bon Jovi. Always a warm welcome and a buzzing night.
2. Stourbridge – The River Rooms (add Hyperlink). Been performing here for years – great memories from when it used to be Rock Café 2000.
3. Bristol – The Fleece. One of the country’s best live music venues – great sound and a passion for live music.

Sarah C: Do you have a bucket list Tony?

WOW difficult – that beats the Elephant question in my last interview! If I really think about it then yes I probably do!

1. To perform live with the full Bon Jovi Band would have to be number 1 – closely followed by a drinking competition with the man himself (yes with my drinking skills I would likely loose!)
2. For my parents and brother to come and watch me play in a show – to this day they have never see me perform
3. To meet and ride with Guy Martin and Valentino Rossi (talk about bromance!) – I don’t need to elaborate why on that – BOTH LEGENDS
4. To meet and perform with Midge Ure – just because.
5. To meet William Shatner and Patrick Stewart – live long and prosper!

Michelle H: How did it feel being asked to play at the hard rock london..with the man himself…. lifetime achievement?

It was by far the best highlight of my career – when I got the call from his brother Matt Bon Jovi I literally couldn’t believe it and thought it was a wind up.
It was an honour and privilege to be asked personally to perform with him.

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