Some say we're the best Bon Jovi tribute band they've ever watched‎.

By some, we mean Jon Bon Jovi.

Liz and I met Jon Bon Jovi at The Rainbow Club on Sunset Boulevard 2 years ago and we spoke to him about tribute acts. What he said was very interesting. He doesn’t care for many but some are excellent. BJE are rated as excellent in his opinion.Ian
Amongst ALL the Bon Jovi tribute bands circulating the world celebrating the bands distinct rock n roll sound ONLY ONE has ever been asked to perform with the legendary front man Jon Bon Jovi himself, THE BON JOVI EXPERIENCE….NUFF SAIDAnon

We’re the Bon Jovi Experience. The world’s finest Bon Jovi tribute band, with over 20 years touring the UK, Europe and further. Certified as the most authentic Bon Jovi Tribute act on earth, by Jon Bon Jovi himself. Get in touch to book us today!

08 Aug 2015 Frimley Lodge Live - Surrey. Early Stage Time.
08 Aug 2015 Fake Festival - Southend On Sea. Headline 10.30 PM
14 Aug 2015 The Musician - Leicester
15 Aug 2015 Fake Festival - Lichfield. Headline 9.45PM
21 Aug 2015 The Globe - Cardiff
22 Aug 2015 Fake Festival - Keynsham. Headline 10.30 PM
30 Aug 2015 Best Fest - Bristol. FESTIVAL CANCELLED.
30 Aug 2015 Walkabout Bar - Newquay.
04 Sep 2015 The Tivoili Theatre - Wimbourne - Dorset
05 Sep 2015 Fake Festival - The Big One - Thorsby Park - Notts

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