Bon Jovi Tribute Band

We’re the Bon Jovi Experience. The world’s finest Bon Jovi Tribute band, with over 20 years touring the UK, Europe and further. Certified as the most authentic Bon Jovi Tribute act on earth, by Jon Bon Jovi himself. Oh, and we happen to be the only tribute band to play with Bon Jovi. Live. Get in touch to book us today!

I have known the BJE for a few years and their professionalism is second to none. For my festivals to carry their legacy I have to use tribute bands that are the real deal and truly represent their artist to the minut detail – to achieve this there is no other choice in the industry than the BJE.Jez Lee, Managing Director, Fake Festivals UK
Have you seen this guy he looks so much like Jon Bon Jovi, it’s freaky man.Chad Kroeger Nickleback.
The Difference between watching The BJE and every other Bon Jovi tribute is that with the others you know your watching a tribute with The BJE you forget they ARE a tribute and not the real thing They are THAT goodRR promotions

Some say we're the best Bon Jovi tribute band they've ever watched‎.

By some, we mean Jon Bon Jovi.

27 Jan 2018 THE TIVOLI, BUCKLEY. Buy ticket
01 Feb 2018 THE DOGHOUSE, GUERNSEY, C.I. Buy ticket
01 Feb 2018 THE DOGHOUSE, GUERNSEY, C.I. Buy ticket
09 Feb 2018 THE FLEECE, BRISTOL. Buy ticket
10 Feb 2018 DORKING HALLS, DORKING. Buy ticket
16 Feb 2018 FERNEHAM HALL, FAREHAM. Buy ticket
17 Feb 2018 THE PLUG, SHEFFIELD. Buy ticket
23 Feb 2018 THE HUB, PLYMOUTH. Buy ticket
24 Feb 2018 THE EMPIRE MUSIC HALL, BELFAST. Buy ticket

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